Following a water damaging event, damage to a building or a home’s structural components, both weight-bearing and external surfaces, can be severe when contact with water occurs. Water may be necessary for our health, but when it is allowed to soak into the wood, it compromises the strength and stability of the framing. Drywall quickly disintegrates. Metal will rust and deteriorate. Wood laminates will warp. Fabrics will discolor and even bleed their dyes onto other surfaces.

Construction Repair and Restoration Following a Water Damaging Event

Drying your home or store’s interior is only part of what our coordinated services entails. Our highly experienced construction crews can then begin restoring or replacing the water damaged building materials. We can fix and repair the water-damaged interior and the structural damage regardless of where it is located. Ceiling to floor, and everything in between, we can swiftly make repairs and have it all looking like new again.

Repairing structural damage is crucial, to return your home or business to the condition it deserves, safe and secure. Tormenta Water Damage can do all structural repair work needed, from supportive re-creations to the final touches, that make your house your castle.

Call Tormenta Water Damage in Toronto at (416) 716-7704 for your water emergency. The solution is simple. We always put you first so our reputation will last.

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