Mold and mildew is a fact of life, but it can wreak havoc on your environment. These organisms can hide and grow behind drywall, wallpaper, paneling, ceilings, carpet and more. To avoid additional exposure and cross-contamination, proper identification and containment of mold and mildew is essential.

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Is Mould A Growing Concern?

Mould has become in recent years a top concern for home owners, contractors, consultants, Insurances, etc. In our opinion there is only one true solution to this problem, proper restoration or abatement work. Whether it is properly drying a structure once water damage happens and doing it fast and professionally, or doing a proper abatement work once mold is found in the property.

Mould contamination has been identified as a major contributor to building-related illness and poor indoor air quality. Without proper mitigation of water losses, mould can start to grow rapidly, within 48 hours. Where sewage backflows into a building, the amplification of mould growth is even greater and faster, unless properly mitigated and remediated. Some moulds are known to be allergenic, pathogenic or toxigenic.

Band-aid jobs never helped anyone. Throwing towels on the ground, opening windows, blowing house fans at the problem, WILL NOT SOLVE IT. Painting moldy patches on drywall, wiping down mold with bleach, spreading sealant on it, WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Contacting a Certified Professional is the way to go, and we would be more than glad to assist you at handling the problem.

Building & Structural Damage

As mould tends to grow in moist, damp and dark environments, it may sometimes be difficult to identify. However, close investigation of hidden, closed or boxed in areas of structures may quickly expose sources of mould growth.

If left untreated, the mould will have the potential to cause serious damage to walls, floors, furnishings and in some cases structural members. If not removed, closure of parts of the building and associated rectification works may be required.

How do I Identify If I have a Mould Issue?

There are simple steps that can be taken to identify if mould is a problem in your building or workplace. These include the following:

As mould requires moisture and humidity to survive a quick response to the appropriate cleaning and drying of leaks and rectification of the source of leaks/moisture is most effective within the first 48 hours. The removal and disposal of all effective fittings, furnishings will also be required.

If humidity is a problem within the building, then the installation of HVAC systems with humidification control will minimise potential for mould growth.

In addition, the provision of adequate lighting and ventilation will provide an unfavourable environment for mould bacteria.

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